2020 has been a challenging year - the COVID-19 pandemic has caused uncertainty to many corporations with many cancelled conferences and exhibitions. As everyone eases into the new normal, virtual & hybrid events are becoming commonplace, taking into account safe distancing guidelines and travel restrictions.

Online events allow for planned conferences and panels to continue, with participants dialling in on their mobile devices from the comfort and safety of their homes. Social distancing guidelines have also given rise to a new genre of events - hybrid events - which combines some aspects of a "traditional" live event, but still having a virtual online component at the same time.

As a one-stop solution, we can assist in customising, producing, and broadcasting professional webinars, meetings, and even managing your live virtual shows. After all, the show must go on.


Create your virtual branding and brand presence with audiences even whilst they are in the comfort of their homes.

Webinar skinning – customised virtual backgrounds, animated lower thirds – is one out of many aspects of enhancing experiences for your online event. To immerse attendees one step further, we are also able to do 3D rendering to mimic an actual event space.


We provide end-to-end services, from the event secretariat managing the registration, handling of attendees’ enquiries, managing speakers, rehearsal and technical testing, eventually to live broadcasting and streaming.

We’ve got it all covered!

Technical Expertise

The technical expertise to manage a virtual or hybrid event, and the equipment to perfectly execute an online broadcast is equally important.

With our production team’s expertise in virtual broadcasting events, we have the capability of customising a solution that fits your event requirements, and heightens the overall delegate experience!

Bring your events virtual

Bringing your event to people across the globe is now merely a click away. Like any live events, virtual events creates multiple opportunities to allow the speakers to engage with the audience. As virtual events are so easy to attend, attendance rate can increase exponentially, higher than a physical event ever could.

Conduct a hybrid event

Hybrid event enables the coexistence of both live and virtual elements. Transform and innovate from traditional live events to a virtual gathering – the new way of connecting with larger audiences beyond your region. Leveraging on the latest technologies, such as 4K video, two-way microphones communication and event-linked social media platforms, this allows attendees to ask questions, vote in polls, and give feedback – all on the virtual platform.

Despite being nowhere near another person, delegates can catch up with a colleague from a completely different country, pose questions to a speaker who is standing in a studio several thousand miles away, or try out the latest software in real-time. For a more serious message delivery, the traditional broadcasting set-up can now be bolstered with live-streaming, and 2-way feedback from the audiences’ questions and votes.

From planning, execution, security, and even post-event analytics and follow up, our end-to-end hybrid event solutions will help you meet and engage, yet continually bring traditional events virtual.

Physical exhibitions brought online

Redesigning and innovating to create an immersive and engaging 3D virtual event platform to bring the exhibition right to attendees’ desktops. With the incorporation of digital exhibition booths, main plenary, as well as breakout tracks, attendees can take their time to explore content in the comfort of their homes – presentations, videos, interactive regions, chat on in-built messaging forum. Not only that, they can return for a deep dive into the content at a time of their convenience.

The 3D virtual platform is design to enable fully customised branding, showcasing brand logo, and incorporating essential branding colours and other visual elements (images or video playback) into the immersive site.

Professional set-up to dial in from home

Geographical boundaries are no longer an impediment as events are brought online. This has introduced an increased flexibility for speakers, as they are able to sit on panel sessions, even from thousands of miles away.

However, doing a presentation from your home doesn’t need to look low budget with poor audio and sound quality. Our team will bring essential virtual speakers kit to your doorstep, and assist with the setup to ensure your presentation is professionally executed. With a technical team around to assist, you can be rest assured that your audio, video, and lighting quality will be on point.

Studio Set-up

Noisy kids and a messy home? Fret not, for we have a solution for you!

We have a green screen that allows you to choose your preferred virtual background. Not only that, we have the technical capabilities to seamlessly switch between videos, PowerPoint slides, and even can do a picture-in-picture presentation.

Equipped with high-speed internet, experienced technical on-site crew, and live-streaming equipment support, you can be confident about live streaming your content to multiple social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube simultaneously.